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Japan Bio Methane Inc. (JBM) is planning and implementing a business model for a biogas to power generation business that mainly uses food waste, organic industrial waste, livestock waste, and sewage sludge.
  • We are constantly on the lookout for partnerships with communities and societies producing organic waste.
  • We want to create win-win relationships with our partners (farming companies, industries, municipalities and local communities).
  • We want to ensure a circular economy within local communities.


Japan Bio Methane (JBM) aims to process livestock products and crops to include them into a circular economy. Our main goal is to use all inputs in a sustainable and circular way to efficiently minimize waste and produce high quality crops . For that we grow crops to feed farm animals, which in turn produces dairy products that can be sold to local communities. Furthermore, food waste and animal manure is our main raw material to be used in our biogas plants. The energy produced provides electricity to local communities and ensure the longevity of the process.

What is Biogas?

Biogas is derived from organic materials (bio-waste, biomass, food waste, livestock, industrial, seafood waste) through the process of methanization that provides an alternative to fossil fuels. In a country like Japan where resources are scarce, organic wastes are essential raw materials to the process of methanization. During the anaerobic decomposition of those organic matters, a mixture of methane rich with carbon dioxide is produced, which in turn activates the methane gas turbine which ultimately generates electricity and heat.

What is WTP?

WTP (Waste to Power) captures all organic waste as raw materials for generating electricity and heat, fermenting not only livestock manure, but also various types of waste such as food waste (seafood waste, bakery waste) animal and vegetable waste oil and finally animal and vegetable residues. The effective use of waste as raw material for power generation puts into practice the scheme to transform waste into resources.



  • In collaboration with a partner company, Mirai Chiiki Inc. (a farmland-qualified to own cropland), we are conducting an experiment to improve the productivity of feed crops (dent corn) at a farm in Shizukuishi, Iwate Prefecture.
  • In conjunction with another partner company GSE Inc. (Geoscience Enterprise), we conduct organic substance analysis of organic waste, biogas generation tests, etc. in our lab.

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Japan Bio Methane Inc. (JBM)
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