What is biogas power generation?

Biogas power generation is a next-generation, recycling-oriented clean energy which converts organic waste such as livestock manure and food waste into methane gas to generate electricity. Livestock manure, food waste and other organic waste which would previously have been discarded can be reused in this process. Liquid residue following methane fermentation can be used as an organic fertilizer for local agriculture, thus completing the circularity of this energy form.

What is JBM

Japan Bio-Methane Inc. (JBM) is building and implementing a business model for biogas power generation that uses food residues, livestock manure, agricultural residues, etc. which are discarded as industrial waste.

We offer full support to our clients, from initial research to commercialization of potential opportunities in biogas power generation as well as in the engineering and construction process.

JBM will work together with the local community to contribute towards a sustainable society which utilizes waste as a recycled resource.

Our goal is to have a self-sustaining power source which does not rely on the FIT (feed-in tariff) system, by creating a resource recycling system in each local community.

About GPSS Group


GPSS Group is a group of companies engaged in engineering and investment businesses such as development, design, and construction of power plants that produce clean energy such as solar power, wind power, small hydropower, geothermal power, and biogas in order to realize a sustainable society.

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Agricultural Initiatives

Alongside power plants which produce clean energy, GPSS Group is also working on initiatives in the agricultural sector, such as solar sharing. By working together with local regions, GPSS aims to create synergy between power generation and agriculture, contributing both to the development of local industries as well as increasing self- sufficiency in Japan.